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      Founded in 2007 with group of founder members who have the strong business vision that aligned with the core values of BNI; the World’s Leading Business Networking & Referral Organisation; which focusing on building long-term relationship and creating business result through referral marketing.

      Over the past 14 years, BNI Miracle Chapter has grown both in number of members and the business opportunities that members generate for each other.  Those results could happen because our core values we always held and practiced which are “Be together with love and care”/ “Being great in what you do”, “Caring each other” and “Giving with love”.

      Today, we are committed to keep growing to be a givers community that  can create and expand opportunities for business owners who are interested in becoming a part of our BNI Miracle Chapter.

BNI Miracle Chapter is opening for the new members
to be a part of the World’s Leading Business Network Organisation around the world.